Doubly Blessed

Q2 Newsletter 2023
June 7, 2023

By Ian Ardill 

Al Derges, may he rest in peace, was the father of Adam Derges, a founding partner at Raintree Financial Solutions.  Al was known for sticking with his values and ethics above all else.  In his name, each year there is an award given to the advisor or staff member who exemplifies his commitment.  I am very honoured to tell you that this year, I was the recipient of the award.

The presentation took place at the 2023 Raintree Summit, held in May at Hockley Valley Resort.

And I am at least twice as fortunate – and so very grateful – because I was also selected by my advisor peers to receive the 2023 Leadership Award.  This is in recognition of my work providing peer-to-peer coaching and facilitation to a group of five advisors.