Another New Episode of Money Match! ICM Partners Property Trust

Q3 Newsletter 2023
October 4, 2023

By Ian Ardill

This summer I had the pleasure of interviewing John Courtliff, CEO and Portfolio Manager at ICM Asset Management, on my video show, Money Match. 

I really like that ICM gives our clients the opportunity to participate in institutional-grade development projects.*  ICM is an alternative investment manager with more than $2-billion of assets under management. Their investment portfolios focus on real estate, across all property types, in Canada, the US and Mexico. 

One of their interesting differentiators from, say, a REIT, is that they are not buy and hold: they actively look for opportunities to redeploy and reallocate in pursuit of better opportunities to make money.  

Click the video to learn more.  


*This and all above statements per the video.  If you are interested in more information, I can send the offering Memorandum if you want to read a detailed overview of the offering.