We give back.

On behalf of our clients, we are making a difference for thousands of children and families around the world.

Our annual gift

We believe in being intentional about giving something that continues to add value over time, well beyond a single Christmas season. That is why we donate $5,000 each year, through Compassion Canada, to clean drinking water projects in developing nations – benefitting children and their communities not just at Christmastime, but throughout their entire lives.

GHANA 2024

  • BENEFICIARIES – 445 children and their families
  • COMPLETION DATE – June 2024

For 2024, we are giving $5,000 to support a clean water project in Ghana, Africa. Two communities will receive clean drinking water through mechanized boreholes built and connected to a 5,000-litre water reservoir, ensuring constant access to safe, clean water. The two boreholes will also be accessible to adjacent communities, providing more than 3,000 people with access to safe water.


  • BENEFICIARIES – 1,500 children and caregivers
  • COMPLETION DATE – November 2023

In 2023, we gave $5,000 to support a clean water project in the East African country of Uganda. In Uganda, 33 per cent of children do not have access to safe water and 60 per cent live 30 minutes’ walking distance from the nearest water source. In Ngenge, a rural community in eastern Uganda’s dry belt, lack of access to safe water poses a major threat to children’s development.

This project, providing a solar-powered borehole and overhead water tanks, is nearing completion. The community has been educated on the addition of the borehole and now know what to expect, as well as what is expected from them – to ensure its long-term sustainability, once they have access to their new clean water source.


  • BENEFICIARIES – 182 children, their families and the community
  • COMPLETION DATE – June 30, 2023

In 2022, we gave $5,000 to support a clean water project in Las Mesitas, Nicaragua. Surveys and research verified a drilling site for a new well and water facilities. Drilling began on February 28, 2022.

After encountering several obstacles and rethinking strategy, drilling resumed, concluding with a successful 300-metre well depth, along with a concrete base. Water facilities equipment, including a pumping unit, control piping, chlorine dispenser and a 10,000-litre storage tank on a tower were also installed. Water quality performance tests were performed to determine proper filtering, water flow, and several critical variables like nitrate, bacteria and pH levels.

An inauguration ceremony was held on June 24, 2023. It was a joyous day when the new water facilities were commissioned and open for business! This life-changing venture has been a tremendous blessing for an entire community that can now enjoy water freely, joyfully and without fear of scarcity, or risk of contamination and painful illnesses.