Earning and keeping clients’ trust is the ultimate accomplishment.

Barb Steele

July 30, 2020

If you are looking for a trustworthy advisor, Ian Ardill is the perfect choice. He is knowledgeable and has always had my best interests as his first priority. An advisor whose kindness, coupled with unbounded energy and enthusiasm, make him a first choice for sound, professional financial advice. I feel very fortunate to have worked with the Ardill Group for some time and recommend them without hesitation.

Dr. Scott Windsor

August 24, 2020

John Ardill has been my financial advisor for approximately 20 years.

Over this time John has provided a complete package including insurance, investing and retirement products and information. John has always been readily available to answer questions and provides regular updates and documentation. I have great confidence in his abilities. I am glad to say that with his help my wife and I are meeting our retirement projections.

David Payne

September 1, 2020

As we approached retirement, we did so with a degree of concern for what that would look like financially.  Ian was able to address those concerns and paint a picture that was understandable, realistic and hopeful going forward.  He laid out a plan for the present and the future that maximized our financial resources and made it possible for us to retire.

Marc Bailey

September 16, 2020

I have been working with Ardill Group for the past 20 plus years, first with John, and in recent years his son Ian.  Being a business owner with multiple moving parts has its complexity. On a personal level, a lengthy divorce left me with difficult financial choices. John met me where I was at and coached me every step of the way. Today I feel they have helped me look at my money differently in order to find opportunities I would never have seen without their coaching and support over the years.  I feel more confident moving towards retirement because of our ongoing relationship.

Joshua Luksa

October 19, 2020

Ian and his team are the only firm to offer the creative approach that was right for me.  They worked with me over an extended period of time to get over all the hurdles to make my needs a reality; they really went above and beyond.  I am confident that Ian is by far the most capable wealth advisor I have ever met, his team is fast and professional, and I now have a solid investment plan that will provide for myself and my children’s future.

Mark Draper

October 27, 2020

To All You Concerned Investors,

I think that I’ve known and been working with John Ardill for almost 40 years, going back to when we were neighbours and likely before Ian was even born!  We’ve seen a lot of good and bad times, but it was when John moved into “alternative investments” that I really began to notice things taking off – for both of us!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired with the usual mutual fund market, so when John told me that he felt the same way, everything changed and my portfolio virtually tripled!

It seems like Ian was groomed to continue the business model that John had carefully fine-tuned over the years and he has stepped up and fit right in.  I find Ian is not only a genuinely caring family man but also very attuned to our needs and concerns as investors.  These are trying times – RBC actually called me today to say that my GIC was due and offered a whopping one-tenth of 1% to renew for another year!  Enough said!

I’ve just referred my oldest friend to Ian and he called me back to thank me.  My friend was forced by his company to resign last month and needed cash flow to begin retirement comfortably.  Ian offered him a wonderful opportunity which I’m certainly going to check out myself!

If you are tired of the market volatility and you’ve had enough of the roller coaster ride that is our new reality, do yourself a favour and give The Ardill Group a try.  You can be assured that you’ll have no regrets and can finally begin to plan for that retirement that you’ve worked so long and so hard for!  Hope to see you at the beach!


June 1, 2022

Hello Ian!

I wanted to thank you so much for meeting with Ben and me yesterday. It is always lovely to see you and you provided us with a lot of joy and comfort. Ben said, ‘I feel a lot better after meeting with Ian.’ Ian, you have brought my best friend comfort during a time when it hasn’t always been the brightest of lights and that means so much.

The time you have taken in preparing and meeting with us – it has just been such a gift. We appreciate your intelligence, compassion, kindness, enthusiasm and zest for all things financial. 

I hope that you have a wonderful day!