Fall is a Time of Great Hope

Q3 Newsletter 2023
October 4, 2023

By Ian Ardill

In today’s world, sometimes it is possible to believe that everything is broken and there is no hope.

I don’t think this is an accurate belief.  Instead, yes:  some things are broken.  But there is hope that we can fix them, and about where our future can take us.

I see fall as a particular time of hope. It is the end of something, but also the beginning of a season in which the crisper air can sharpen our focus on getting things done and making progress. 

Pick something you are dissatisfied with.  It could be your view of your financial future, your work environment, your family life, your marriage, your kids, your grandkids. Anything you want.  What does it look like to take incremental steps in improving the situation, in becoming more hopeful that things will work out as you wish?

As the old expression goes, hope is not a strategy. So, we need to have hope – and then make intentional decisions and steps forward.  It is not about trying to make a metaphorical or actual million dollars instantly, but about making the incremental changes that will achieve, down the line, the results you desire.

It is critical to have the right team along for the journey.  A team that can deliver.  Our core purpose here at Ardill Group is:  To walk with our clients through their financial lives.  And so, we are ready to walk with you, in this season and all seasons.  As a first step, call us.

Watch the short video, a special mini-edition of Money Match.

Ian Ardill, B.A., M.T.S.

Private Wealth Advisor
CEO, Ardill Group 

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