How could we not?

Q4 Newsletter 2022
December 16, 2022

When my family and I first discovered Compassion Canada – a leading child development organization which helps some of the world’s poorest communities climb out of poverty – that’s exactly what we thought:

How could we not partner with this incredible initiative?

Fast forward years later, and our family has offered ongoing support to children, their families, and their communities through Compassion. You may remember that last Christmas, we made a $5,000 donation towards a clean drinking water project. This year, well, we decided to do it again!

This year’s gift will help provide clean drinking water to children and families at two Compassion centres in the Sebei region of Uganda. Simply put: it will keep this community healthy and growing.

As for last year, here are a few updates on what our donation did for the Compassion community in Nicaragua:

Before we made our donation last year, the situation was a grim one. Compassion recently shared a study with me that concluded there was no electrical pumping system in the Nicaragua community we support, meaning that the only water sources were coming from artesian wells, which were contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria because the wells were located too close to the latrines… In other words, this same water that was being used for cooking and drinking was not fit for human consumption.

Leaving a legacy to give good gifts is as much of a good business practice as it is a good family value.  I hope you feel blessed this season, because we could not do what we do without you.

Thank you!

P.S. Take a look at this short video, where I talk about our time spent with Compassion last Christmas.